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What are you reaching for?


Every human person on this side of the grass has a dream, a desire, or a need that requires functioning at a higher level. Whether it involves your mind, your body, your spirit, your relationships, your business, or your habits, there is something you need to do better in order to have what you want. We can help you take the next step to your higher level.

The 5 Cs

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If you’re not clear about where you’re going, how can you tell when you’ve arrived? And what’s the point of arriving if you don’t enjoy the journey or you’re too wiped out or stressed out to take in the destination? We can help you set goals, plan strategies, and manage priorities for healthy, targeted, sustainable balance.

Study Group

The secret to Higher Level’s success with clients is collaboration – consulting with organizations and coaching for individuals. We provide as much or as little as you need – or are ready to handle.

Similing Team

Higher Level offers classes, workshops, seminars, programs, presentations, and private tutoring. They can be delivered onsite, online, by telephone, and through workbooks. We can conduct the training, or we can train you to do it.

Library Book Choice

Choose from our collection of books, materials, and programs that have proven effective in helping individuals and organizations attain higher levels.

Editorial Design

If you simply follow someone else’s path, you’ll probably wind up at someone else’s destination. Let’s take what works well for others, but then adapt and apply it for you and your circumstances.

The Driving Force Behind Higher Level


Dr. Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis is a top level management consultant and life coach who helps individuals and organizations reach higher levels. Her courses and training materials are in demand because of her ability to convey the most technical information in practical, easy to understand terms. Her speaking style is warm, humorous, and highly motivating. She specializes in:

  • Change management

  • Leadership development

  • Strategic planning

  • Education and training

  • Life management

  • Writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication



In addition to offering private coaching and tutoring, over the last 20 years she has worked with a variety of corporations and groups across the country, including:

  • Large Corporations – such as Eastman Kodak, Loews Corporation, and Standard Oil of Indiana

  • Individually Owned Businesses – such as Alexander & Associates Housing Assistance, Quality Custom Leather, and Success Personified

  • Government Entities – such as Arapahoe County, CO and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service

  • Public School Entities – such as Boulder Valley School District and Public Education Coalition Summit

  • Professional Education and Training Entities – such as American Management Associations, Walker Music Academy, and the National Institute of Cosmetology

  • Colleges and Universities – such as Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, Regis University, and the University of Colorado Professional Associations – such as National Beauty Culturists’ League, Rocky Mountain Working Women, Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, and the Academic Management Institute

  • Religious Entities – such as New Hope Baptist Church, Quickened Ministries, and Renewal Worship Center

  • Social/Civic Organizations – such as Coterie, Koinonia Foundation for Education and Research, and Sertoma. Dr. Lewis also served as affiliate faculty at Regis University where she taught (1) Leadership and (2) Educational Psychology.

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